25 x glitter 1 inch PU stickers

Image of 25 x glitter 1 inch PU stickers


This listing is for 25 glitter PU (polyurethane) stickers!

Size: 1 inch (25mm)

Pu stickers are similar to epoxy resin stickers but are of a premium quality.

They are crystal clear and won't yellow over time.

They are thicker and firmer than the epoxy resin stickers, but still plaible.

They are waterproof, and scratch resistant (I have run my fingernail through them and it doesnt leave a mark!!)

These stickers are so easy to use. Just peel off the plactic (careful not to touch the sticky side) then stick on your chosen image.

Trim your image as required.

Using a small amount of Crystal lacquer, stick your image straight onto your scrabble tile!

Then use E6000 to adhere a bail to the back and thread your chain through!

No mess and very safe for children!

Let me know if you would like a different quantity than listed!

Thank you for visiting my store!

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