10 x Double sides adhesive stickers (25mm Square)


This listing is for 10 x 25mm square double sided adhesive stickers

These new adhesive stickers, remove the need to use E6000 (yay!). They are non-toxic, acid free and safe for children!

Size: 1 inch/ 25mm Square

These stickers can be used to adhere your image onto the dome and also to adhere the dome into your tray. However, I still prefer to still Crystal Lacquer to adhere my image onto the dome, as I find it gives a much clearer image.
I have been using these to adhere my dome into the tray, instead of E6000

Once your image has been adhered to the glass dome, peel off the protective paper to expose the sticky side of one of the rounds. Push your dome down firmly, then turn over and rub out any air bubbles.

Peel off the other side and then push into your pendant tray!

These stickers have been especially made for jewellery making and are very strong.Once you apply them, they act like glue and are difficult to remove!