Crystal lacquer 4oz (118ml) bottle

Image of Crystal lacquer 4oz (118ml) bottle


This listing is for one 4 fl oz bottle of Crystal Lacquer (118ml approx)

I personally find this is the best to use when adhering your images to glass domes when making pendants.

It is acid free, non toxic and dries crystal clear!

How to use:

Use Crystal Lacquer to adhere your picture to the glass dome first. Put a small drop in the middle of the glass dome and then push the glass dome onto your image, making sure there are no air bubbles.

Leave it to dry overnight.

Once it is completely dry use a small amount of E6000 adhesive (also available in my shop) to adhere the dome into the tray.


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*****I also have seconds available. These bottles have slightly leaked under the cap during shipping to me. It is quite a small leakage and hasn't affected the lacquer in any way. I just cant sell them at their full price. They are $12.00 each. If you are happy to purchase a bottle, go ahead and buy this listing, let me know and I will refund the $2.00.
Many thanks.
Ruth x *****