E6000 and Crystal Lacquer mini tube set

Image of E6000 and Crystal Lacquer mini tube set


This listing is for one mini tube of Crystal Lacquer (4cc) and one mini tube of E6000( 0.18 fl oz/3ml) industrial strength adhesive.

Crystal Lacquer: I personally find this the best adhesive to use when adhering your images to glass domes.

It is acid free, non toxic and dries crystal clear!

E6000: is a fantastic adhesive for use in Jewelry making. It is stronger than super glue!

Use it to stick glass domes onto magnets, bails onto scrabble tiles, Embellishments onto giant paperclips or glass domes into pendant trays. Only a very small amount needed!

It adheres to glass, tiles, magnets, wood, ceramics, plastic, leather, etc….

It is waterproof, non-flammable, flexible, paintable and dries clear.

How to use when making pendants:

Use Crystal Lacquer to adhere your picture to the glass dome first. Put a small drop in the middle of the glass dome and then push the picture onto it.

Making sure there are no air bubbles, and that the adhesive completely covers the glass, gently smooth it out. If any spills out the sides, just wipe it clean. It is quite easy to rub off the glass once it is dry. Warm water wash up if required.

Leave to dry overnight.

Once it is completely dry, use a small amount of the E6000 to adhere the dome into the tray.


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